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Kryus Limited was established in February 2016 by Frank Holmes. After a long and distinguished career in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, where he saw active service in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. He was responsible for three major canine defence projects and instrumental in the development of canine teams throughout the Military. In 2012 Frank left the British Army after 24 years service reaching the top canine position in the MoD.

In 2012 he worked with the Australian Defence Force coaching handlers for their trainers course; after a brief period in Holland developing his canine skills further he returned to the UK and set up Kryus Limited delivering operational dog teams and trained dogs. Kryus is now working towards a new association with like minded professionals that will clearly set us apart.


Our aim is to always provide dogs and handlers to the highest possible standards. Specialising in canine teams for major sporting events our professional handlers and their superb dogs provide assurance to our clients and confidence to the public. 

When Sian Parry joined the team in 2017 Kryus began moving into the world of conservation dog detection developing dogs to search for both invasive and endangered species; in 2019 we were awarded the the largest UK contract for training and supplying dogs and handlers working with a large nature conservation charity.

As a specialist canine company Kryus Limited prides itself on setting high standards for both handlers and dogs; continually looking to improve through the most positive and innovative training available, maintaining credibility and integrity in everything we do.

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